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My Current Projects

The final beginning

      When a factory inspector is found shot through the head, Brigg City Police are quick to label it a suicide. And if it hadn’t been for two investigative journalist, it might have stayed that way. With the testimonies of the victim’s wife and a mobster loan shark they find the pieces add up to murder. Our two reporters must change the morals of a hardened businessman, make deals with organized crime, navigate a corrupt political structure and not get killed by the SEG (Scorched Earth Gang) to break the biggest story of their careers. This 80,000 word young adult, crime fiction novel is set in 1962 and winds through the soaring heights and plunging depths the city has to offer. They meet with the likes of Andy Warhol, experience the national shock of Marilyn Monroe's overdose and duck and cover for the Cuban Missile Crisis.

hitmen ... in portland?!

     Nicolas Finn has a taste for the finer things in life. Things which, generally, he doesn't find at the murder scenes he's called in to. This time? It's the wife of Guy Conwell, a wealthy businessman and art connoisseur from New York City, who came home to find his wife shot to death in their sprawling eight thousand square foot home. The police think it has all the marks of a professional killer, but Nick sees something else.

(This is a work in progress and is being written under my nom de plume - Morris Reed)

halfway to hyannis

Also a work in progress. Halfway to Hyannis brings you inside a small town on Cape Cod and its social hub, Carrington House.